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Waterjet technology is a cold cutting process which cuts by using supersonic water, or water and abrasive, to erode material. 

here's how it works:

An ultra high-pressure pump generates a stream of water with pressure rated up to 94,000 psi (6,480 bar).  To put it into perspective, a fire hose contains a pressure of 390 to 1,200 psi (20 to 84 bar).


This pressure is converted into velocity via a tiny jewel orifice, creating a stream as small as a human hair which can cut soft materials.



To increase cutting power by 1,000 times, garnet is pulled into the supersonic waterjet stream.

Water and garnet exit the cutting head at nearly four times the speed of sound, capable of cutting steel over one foot thick.

generate pressure

convert pressure into velocity

introduce garnet




beveled cuts

stacked materials

stone and tile 

thick materials 

Waterjet is the ultimate machine tool, no matter the application.

On top of ultimate versatility there are three main benefits to waterjet cutting.

cold cutting


This means no heat or stress is imparted into your cut materials.

satin smooth edge

Cut parts come directly off of the cutting table, no secondary finishing required.

minimal kerf

Minimal kerf and high accuracy combined with the ability to cut any material makes waterjet cutting a superior alternative. 

industries utilizing waterjet include

aerospace | automotive | energy |oil and gas | transportation  agriculture | architecture | artistic | military and defense

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